Inner City Church

by Themba Khumalo

Khumalo directs our attention to dysfunctionality or sense of imbalance in the way he ‘divides’ the visual plane, his depiction of the landscape – allowing the sky and clouds to dominate rather than the land.  In this way he draws our gaze towards those big rolling clouds that promise a storm. Dark flocks of birds also punctuate his skies, evoking migrant populations that leave when conditions are no longer habitable. 

The electricity and telephone cables imply connectivity. We’re all in it together. The titular home belongs to all of us and we must reckon with it, suggests Khumalo in his very quiet way. “ Mary Corrigall, Art Critic and Academic

  • MEDIUM: Original - Charcoal and pastel on paper | 2019 
  • Size:
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Themba Khumalo - (b.1987) Soweto, Johannesburg. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Themba’s emotive charcoal drawings and paintings capture the busy cityscapes and vast rural landscapes he observes in and around Johannesburg where he lives. Themba’s work takes you on a journey of dispossession, poverty, loss, connection and hope. Through the command of his medium, he recreates the nuances of contemporary South Africa that he experiences on a daily basis.

Themba graduated from Artist Proof Studio in printmaking, where he obtained a Design Foundation Certificate. He went on to do a professional printmaking development course under the sponsorship of Pinpoint One, at Artist Proof Studio in 2009 where he was an intern in the silkscreen unit and special project team. Khumalo is interested in exploring different mediums, such as charcoal drawings and painting.



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