Zwelethu Machepha - (b.1990) Soweto, Johannesburg. Currently based in Johannesburg South Africa.

The mixing of original techniques, such as stitching and UV lighting as well as marrying different mediums, make Zwelethu’s work dynamic and distinctive. A multi-disciplinary artist who works in charcoals, drawings, paintings, printmaking and other disciplines. Zwelethu’s work draws you in, whether through his bold use of colour, intricate patterns or powerful portraiture.

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In 2008, he joined art classes at the Michaelis Art Library in the Johannesburg Central Library under Petru Viljoen, Rhett and Blessing Ngobeni. In the same year, he held his first group show at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. In 2010, he studied printmaking at Artist Proof Studio where he later became a screen-printing intern, assisting in printing works for artists such as William Kentridge, Nelson Makamo, Lionel Smit, Bevan de Wet and Bambo Sibiya.

In 2016, he was selected for the ARP-Art Residency Project, an art prize offered to promising visual artists in South Africa and Italy. After completing his residency, Zwelethu had his first solo exhibition in Rome at the Luigi Di Sarro Centre. Zwelethu hopes that his visual representation of everyday people will bring about a change in our perceptions towards them and advance our beliefs towards a more humane, dignified and just society. He has exhibited in various galleries across South Africa.

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Being able to alternate between different mediums gives me a sense of freedom and adds different faces to my work.