Nompumelelo Ngoma - (b.1984) Soweto, Johannesburg. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nompumelelo’s work gives voice to women’s issues through the alluring medium of oil painting and watercolour. Her exploration of women’s identities within the context of certain traditional African cultures is a recurring theme in her body of work.

Through the use of everyday symbols of African femininity, blankets, dresses, and headscarves, she creates a way to see what is familiar in a new way. Her delicate, fluid watercolour and her strong oil painting are used to lift the veil on society’s limiting beliefs about what it means to be a woman.

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Nompumelelo studied fine art at the South West Gauteng College and finished an N4 course in 2004. She later enrolled at Artist Proof Studio and completed a three-year course in Printmaking. In 2008, she was awarded an award by Linda Givon, then of Goodman Gallery.

She furthered her studies in Fine Art at the University of Johannesburg from 2009-2011, graduating with a National Diploma in Fine Art. In 2016, she won the coveted Cassirer Welz Art Prize which included a residency at The Bag Factory which culminated with an exhibition at Everard Read’s Circa Gallery. This prize has previously been won by artists such as Blessing Ngobeni and Ayanda Kupa.

In my work I look at how patriarchy has modelled ideas about women. Many of these ideas do not empower us as women, I’d like to change that an artist.