About Kholisa Thomas

Creating artfull, a platform to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers, has long been a dream of mine.

Living in Joburg, I noticed that many of my friends were living with empty walls in their homes, despite Joburg being home to many amazing artists. At the same time, I recognised that many of these artists were struggling to find a wider audience for their work. I saw a gap in the market to connect artists with potential buyers who wanted to start an art collection but didn’t know where to start.

I realised that there was a much-needed dialogue between art lovers and artists that was missing. There is so much power in hearing directly from an artist about their work and their perspective on the world. So, I started The Art Talks, which was a series of events held in art galleries, cool urban studios or artist’s studios, where artists and art lovers could connect in a fun, relaxed social environment.

The Art Talks was the beginning, but I felt there was a way to reach more people and make it easier to start collecting contemporary art. This is where the idea of artfull was born - an online platform to showcase, educate, collaborate and empower a new generation of art collectors through digital content, strategic partnerships, advisory services and events.

Digital technology allows us to democratise art. Artists can share their stories with a wider audience, and more people can discover, explore and buy their work

At artfull, we collaborate with artists who have a unique voice and a compelling artist practice. We believe art with meaning has the power to shine a light on what is wrong in our world –racial and gender inequality, social injustice and our many collective challenges. By shining a light on what we need to change in the world, art offers the opportunity to change our perspective, broaden our awareness and hopefully inspire us to choose to make a difference in the world. Art also connects our common hopes and dreams, it celebrates our creativity and beauty as humanity. By connecting deeply with these messages, we are able to connect more deeply with each other and expand our consciousness.

Art is a powerful tool for personal transformation and social change.

Small businesses are the engines of the African economy. By supporting artists and art entrepreneurs, we can create a thriving ecosystem that has far-reaching positive economic and social effects.

I believe art is for everyone and that everyone should own art. I hope artfull will make your journey of collecting art an uplifting and enjoyable one.

artfully yours,