Connect with our artists and get to know them, their work and their perspective on the world in our ‘Artist Sessions’.

Zwelethu Machepha

“I found that my work is able to change or influence society and that has brought such a positive impact into my life and the people that I engage with. Transforming society for the better that is one of the biggest challenges we have to tackle. If I can influence, shape or change how we see other people’s lives that would be everything for me.”

Watch our artist session with Zwelethu here.

Kgomotso Neto

“Photography is a tool for me to shoot something that speaks to me, something that when I look at it, it relates to me. I want to put something out that my grandmother or a 4 year old from the township can look at and say I see a bit of me in this. I think this is what we lack when we come out of the township, images that affirm and make us feel empowered about who we are.”

Watch our Artist Session with Kgomotso here.

Nompumelelo Ngoma

“I would like to be remembered as an artist who has persevered and made a name for herself in the art world. It’s an industry that has favoured men, that is male dominated but as a woman, I have forged my way because I believe as women we do belong in this world. We have something to say.”

Watch our Artist Session with Nompumelelo here.