About Kholisa Thomas Art Advisory

Founded in 2016 as an independent art advisory service, KTAA focuses on modern and contemporary South African art with the aim of promoting South African artists and providing professional, expert advice to clients.

Capitalising on her extensive knowledge and relationships in the art world with gallery owners, auction houses, collectors, curators and artists, Kholisa is passionate about bridging the gap between new art collectors and the art world establishment, putting her expertise and relationships to the service of her clients.

Based in Johannesburg, KTAA works with individual collectors and businesses on a highly personal level. Whether it's creating a customised experience exploring the local art scene for first-time buyers, building and expanding on existing collections, or helping with the sale of individual works or entire collections, KTAA provides a tailored, convenient and independent service to its clients.

Kholisa is passionate about championing South African art and making it accessible to a broader community in an inspiring way. She is a fierce advocate of growing the emerging art collector market to sustain our dynamic, local art economy.

She stays abreast of local and international art trends by travelling extensively and attending art fairs such as FNB Joburg Art Fair, Turbine Art Fair, Art Basel, Frieze London, 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair (London), Lagos X Contemporary Art Fair and AKAA Paris. She has contributed as an art writer to Wanted Magazine and interviewed by various publications and radio stations to comment on the local art scene.


From the first-time art buyer to the seasoned art collector, our clients enjoy our personalised service, along with the opportunity to connect with artists and fellow collectors through our curated events.

  • Customised art emersion experiences for first-time art collectors which include research about the artist, private viewings at galleries and artists’ studio
  • Negotiating prices and favourable terms
  • Art selection, due diligence and authentication of the artwork
  • Framing, transport, insurance and installation in your home or business

Whether you are new to the market or a seasoned collector, KTAA provides fast, tailored advice to match your interests, budget, goals and personal taste.


We build and manage existing private and corporate collections, including cataloguing the collection, insurance, restoration and assisting in the selling of existing art through our auction partners.


We put together tailored experiences and unique events that help deepen our client’s knowledge in an educational and inspiring way. The experiences we create engage our clients in a multi-sensory journey of appreciating and loving art.

Connect with us and we will help you find the perfect artwork for your space, style, and budget. Please send a query to kholisa@kholisathomas-artadvisory.com.

Fulu Makwetla, Managing Director Third Way Investment Partners

We really enjoyed Kholisa’s approach to the consultation with us. She was mostly interested in understanding our business, our clients, and the theme we would potentially go with for our office. Once she established our style and preference, she proposed artists who would be best suited. We were immediately drawn to an artist and piece but preferred a landscape version which we commission for our entrance. The full service, including the framing and hanging for us, was what we appreciated most.